EmSat, also known as the Emirates Standardized Test, is an online test developed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. It is primarily designed for grade 12 students who are seeking university entrance. 


The test evaluates the skills, language proficiency, and basic scientific knowledge of students based on their grades. The core purpose of EmSat is to accurately gauge the academic level of students, aid in the development of academic institutions, and inform decisions related to university admissions and student ranking at both national and international levels​​.


An English SAT teacher and certified teacher licensed in the UAE Ministry of Education. He is in his twelfth year teaching English. He studies in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades in schools that implement the American curriculum.


He graduated from Mansoura University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a specialization in texts analysis (2010) and also holds a Diploma of Arts in Teaching (2014). He was the 2017 AMS Teacher of the Year.


As an Educational Leader and Advocate, He believes that the good students deserve to become successful people. He has dedicated himself to becoming A life-long Educator & Learner, and he strives to facilitate the educational process and instill the spirit of diligence and success and success in the hearts of the students he teaches.

course duration 36 hours
Category EmSat
skills Beginner
language English
instructor Mr. Mahmoud Mousa

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